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The Alliance Française of Johannesburg is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the French language and culture in South Africa. Founded in 1950, the Alliance Française of Johannesburg is part of a worldwide network of over 830 Alliances Françaises, which are committed to spreading the French language and fostering cultural exchange between France and other countries.
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Great practice

The Alliance Française teachers represent diversity. They all share their passion for the French language, which is either a mother tongue to them or their language of education. However they got hooked on the language, they love it and love sharing it with people. Our teachers are qualified teachers, either holders of Masters in teaching French as a Foreign Language or trained through various programmes implemented through the Embassy of France in South Africa and training centres in France. We even have teachers who are accredited trainers of trainers and who deliver teacher trainings in schools and universities, in the whole of Southern Africa. Our teachers are never alone and can benefit from the skills of those trainers of trainers on a daily basis. Most of our teachers are also accredited assessors, either of the DELF exams or of the TEF and TEFAQ exams. Some of our teachers have worked or work for French Departments in South African universities as lecturers or as external examiners.

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Our French language courses are not just about learning; they're about affordability and accessibility. We believe that linguistic excellence should be within everyone's reach. Our experienced tutors are passionate about teaching and are dedicated to helping you achieve your language goals. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, our diverse range of courses accommodates every proficiency level. Unlock the door to fluent French without a hefty price tag.

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At the Alliance Française of Johannesburg, language courses are offered to students of all ages and levels, from beginner to advanced. In addition to language instruction, the Alliance Française of Johannesburg offers a variety of cultural activities, such as film screenings, exhibitions, concerts, and storytellings, which are open to the public.
The Alliance Française of Johannesburg is also involved in various community outreach programs, which aim to promote cultural diversity and cross-cultural understanding. Through its commitment to promoting the French language and culture, the Alliance Française of Johannesburg provides a valuable resource for the local community, and reinforces the ties between South Africa and France.