Reading in Digital / Machine à lire

The Reading in Digital exhibition displays new forms of literary creations through apps on tablets, computers, and illustrated books.

Digital literary creations have been booming, in recent years, showing an unprecedented creative dynamism. Authors, editors, producers and designers are today seizing the latest technology and using it to produce works of a new genre. After traveling around the world to countries including Germany, China, Korea and Guinea, this exhibition of French apps illustrating new reading experiences, is stopping in Johannesburg, at the Francophone Multimedia Library Dibuka.

The aim of this exhibition is to introduce the use of tablets in a multimedia library by showing the dialogue that exists between traditional paper books and new forms of digital books. The wide selection of apps highlights the existence of quality digital literature with poetic, narrative and creative features. Most of the apps have been chosen for their interactive and critical approach to digital content.

The exhibition presents a variety of reading experiences: graphic novels, game-books, puzzles, docu-drama and educational games; while emphasizing the design through accomplished visuals, original soundscapes and surprising interactive scenarios. Some creations are original and only available in digital, some are inspired by existing paper books, while others require the use of a paper book together with a digital device such as augmented reality.

October: Bandes Dessinées in Digital

© Phallaina, Directed by Marietta Ren.  The first “scrolling strip”

In reference to the exhibition The Arts of Comics: French Bande-Dessinée and South African Comics in conversation taking place at the Johannesburg Art Gallery during the month of October, Reading in Digital will be dedicated to all forms of digital comics. The exhibition will feature innovative digital creations such as the first “scrolling strip” Phallaina, an educational app that teaches you a foreign language while reading comics, LinguoZing; a 60 episode-comic specifically created for Instagram Eté; and a historical comic with interactive puzzles, The Portrait of Esther.

November: Youth Literature in Digital

© Oh! The Magic Drawing App, Directed by Louis Rigaud and Anouck Boisrobert.

November will be dedicated to digital creation for the youth, with the aim of showing to parents and children the creative use of digital devices. The exhibition will showcase various children application, such as Oh!, a fun drawing app, Léon, an urban interactive tale inspired by game-books, and Nutcracker, a hands-on musical experience at the heart of works by Tchaikovsky and Alexandre Dumas.