Alliance Française of Johannesburg COVID-19 Protocol

With a view to our upcoming reopening to the public, we wish to share our Covid-19 protocol with you. Please read it carefully before your next visit. We will soon update you on our reopening schedule. In the meantime, please stay well and safe!

The nature and purpose of this protocol:

The Alliance Française of Johannesburg (“the Alliance”) takes the welfare and wellbeing of its students, staff and visitors to heart. This protocol, which is applicable to all students, staff and visitors, outlines the measures taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 generally, and specifically in and around the Alliance premises.

This protocol, which is in all respects subject to any overriding national, provincial or local government regulation, directive and the law, will be effective from 30 April 2020 and will remain in force until further notice.

This protocol simultaneously serves as the plan, measures and protocol as contemplated in the Disaster Management Regulations of 29 April 2020 as issued by the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs in terms of section 27(2) of the Disaster Management Act, 2002 (the Regulations).

For purposes of the Regulations and in respect of the Alliance the COVID-19 Designated Compliance Officer is Mr Daniel Belebelele Mbiye, who may be contacted on mobile telephone number 084-640-4266 or at email address

You may also contact the National Department of Health’s COVID-19 hotline number 0800 029 999 or their COVID-19 WhatsApp number 0600 12 3456 for clarification or further information.

Specific measures implemented

  1. Access to the Alliance
  • All students and designated staff members are encouraged NOT to come to the Alliance, unless it is absolutely necessary and unavoidable. We implore all students and staff, as far as practical and feasible, to continue working from home.
  1. Entry to the Alliance
  • No person will be allowed to enter the Alliance without a face mask or shield.

                       NO MASK OR FACE SHIELD, NO ENTRY

  • Face masks/shields are to be worn at all times when a person is using the common areas (communal toilets, lobbies, parking lot, the kitchen, balconies and any shared/communal areas) in and around the Alliance.
  • All persons seeking entry to the Alliance will be temperature screened by a security guard at the entrance to the Alliance, using a non-contact forehead thermometer.
  • Screened persons will be supplied with screening confirmation.
  • No person who presents with a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or higher will be allowed access to the Alliance and must consult a medical practitioner.
  • Before entering the Alliance, everyone must use the supplied hand sanitize.

                        NO HAND SANITIZER, NO ENTRY

  • By entering the Alliance, and its premises, which includes all the buildings and common areas of the entire Alliance complex, ALL students, staff and visitors confirm that:

    a) They have not in the last 14 days had any close contact with anyone who is either infected or suspected of being infected with COVID-19, including anyone who has experienced or displayed any of the known symptoms of COVID-19 (which are listed in item (c) below); and

    b) They have not in the last month travelled to a high or medium risk country as contemplated in the International Air Services (COVID-19 Restrictions on the movement of air travel) Regulations, 2020; and

    c) They do not currently experience or display, and they have not in the last 14 days experienced or displayed, any of the following symptoms:

    Elevated temperature or fever,
    Shortness of breath and/or difficulty breathing,
    Loss of smell and/or taste,
    Fatigue, or
    Persistent headaches.

    If anyone answers affirmatively to any of (a), (b) or (c) above, they WILL not be allowed to enter the Alliance.

  1. Reception Areas
  • All students, staff and visitors must report at the Ground Floor Reception for second sanitizing and temperature screening and visual inspection that they are wearing the face masks/face shields and to sign the visitors’ register (where applicable).
  • All students, staff and any contractors on site shall encourage their respective visitors to:

o adhere to social distancing protocols throughout the building;

o use hand sanitizer, which will be provided inter alia in the reception areas; and

o wear a face mask throughout the Alliance.

  1. Kitchens/Common Areas

    • All staff and students and contractors on site shall encourage their respective visitors to:

o adhere to social distancing protocols when using the facilities in the building;

o use hand sanitizer, which will be provided inter alia in the reception areas; and

o wear a face mask throughout the Alliance.

Specific measures expected of everyone at the Alliance: 

  • Practice social distancing at all times.
  • Limit face to face meetings/consultations and rather make use of electronic communication or meeting applications.
  • Do not go to the Alliance if you feel unwell or if you reasonably believe you may have come into contact with someone who displayed symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Students and staff should:

o ensure that visitors occupy the reception areas and other common areas for the shortest possible period of time; and

o encourage visitors to wear face mask and maintain responsible social distancing while occupying the reception areas and other common areas.

  • Regularly take steps to clean up or wipe down any surfaces that you have used, preferably with 70% alcohol-based sanitizer or 10% bleach-containing disinfectant.
  • Practice responsible personal hygiene – wash hands with soap as frequently as possible for at least 20 seconds on each occasion.
  • Use a face mask and other personal protective equipment such as disposable gloves whenever you engage with others, or when you use the common areas.
  • Refrain from hand-shaking and kissing when greeting people.
  • While performing duties or visiting we must:

o follow all aspects of this policy, and of take all reasonable care to ensure our own health and safety, and that of your fellow students, staff, any contractors and visitors;

  • Advise Alliance Française Management, in confidence, of any possible breach of this protocol or exposure of COVID-19.

By order
April 2020
The Alliance
Mr Daniel Belebelele Mbiye